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          offering GARUD and the GYROTONIC® method
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Welcome to the inspirational GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and the GYROKINESIS® method.

This system of exercise is done on the floor, a stool or on large equipment. It is designed to encourage movement via rhythmic, flowing 'families' of exercises which are often done to music created by its originator, Juliu Horvath. We have experienced a deep sense of joy and freedom in this method akin to dance, plus improved flexibility and strength.

The training of our instructors has taken place world-wide; New York, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, and with many different nationalities; English, Italian and Spanish, Canadian, Scottish, Hungarian, Japanese and South African who all have looked inside themselves and their students/clients to encourage the best possible results.

We have a deep respect for the work created by Juliu Horvath who has been developing this method since the 1960's.

The purity of the intentions is key. Intentions " ##... that reflect the universal cycle of 'asking ... receiving ... and giving' " of the human being.

(## The Art of Exercising and Beyond - Juliu Horvath)