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We've been taking a few breaks this year until now...

... to 'zengify' in Italy,

.. .to enrich our GarudA® training in London ('Seated and Standing' course with James D'Silva), which was fabulous, hard work, topped by party at James's art-stuffed house with delicious food among stimulating company...

... to enjoy the 'into the Extreme' course, a repeat (our request) in The Netherlands with super, duper Master Trainer, Abel Horvath, nephew of Juliu Horvath, creator of The Gyrotonic Expansion System Method®.

Plusses for the new Autumn term:

  • Garuda again - Series of 3 Saturdays at 10am - Subscribe now!
  • Yoga Therapy taught by Chantal Souters Mondays at 11am and Wednesdays in the planning.
  • Yoga workshops (90minutes) again with Chantal now setting up list so please call 0629025515
  • 'Clinic' pilates (mixed abiiity) Fridays at 10.30am instructed by our pilates-trained physiotherapist Carolien Verborg, who also teaches prenatal 7pm Wednesdays and postnatal pilates.
  • Voice & Movement workshops given by Carol Timmerman-list open now. 0650960288
Sign in meanwhile for privates, duets, trios or quartets and intensify your experience.

Marian van Koesveld brings something new and intriguing to The Netherlands from the US, using computers ... a new way to re-balance mind, body and emotions in order to be more effective in your job, your life and relationships.
You can contact her via 0628346804 and at

... We congratulate Michele Carini who started her pilates career with us years back and who has risen this year to elite Instructor Trainer status - we knew she had it in her!

Time certainly does fly when you're having fun and since the concept of re-balance pilates studio plus Gyrotonic(R) + GarudA(R) was born in 1996, inspired by London tv news and first ever book published on pilates besides that of Joseph Hubertus Pilates himself; "Return to Life Through Contrology."

Thanks a million to you all, and especially those of you who've been with us from the start.
And welcome back returners!

++ Fact: Prices remain the same now as in April 2008!

So let's find a time to celebrate...